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About Us: The Farm

    Fairfield Acres was established in 2006 as a family-run facility. You are more than welcome to bring family members of any age to observe your lessons; we simply ask that an adult be present for children under age to keep them safe. This is an exciting farm, with lots of animals, as well as space to explore and fields to run in. Please come visit our various breeds of horses, as well as our cow and pig! There are also barn cats and three (medium-sized) friendly dogs who act as our welcoming committee. Let us know if you have a fear of dogs before your arrival.

    Fairfield Acres prides ourselves on our horsemanship program. Individuals from children to adults have the opportunity to experience a horse up close and personal. Each participant's learning experience is personalized to their needs and learning style; you let us know what you want to learn, and we'll help you reach your goals! Our lesson program offers the opportunity to spend time with a horse, both on the ground and in the saddle. More importantly, we feel that one should learn all aspects of horse care, not "just riding." The staff, boarders, mentors, and parents all feel that we are a family, and family should support and help each other, so if you ever have a question or need some help, ask anyone! Everything is a learning experience at Fairfield Acres!


About Us: The Instructors


Tricia Gosselin has been involved with horses for over 30 years. Growing up, she showed under and worked for many knowledgeable trainers in disciplines ranging from dressage to saddle seat to hunter/ jumper to equitation to gymkhana and team penning. All of which have helped her with the wealth of knowledge she passes on to her students and boarders today! At the age of 18, Trish received her instructor's license and has been teaching and running horse camps throughout Bristol county 
(Massachusetts) since then. She participated with 4-H for 10 years, was a leader for 5 years, and is a lifetime volunteer.

  In her time away from the barn. Trish earned her Associate's degree in Behavioral Management, and has extensive experience helping parents with behavior management and assistance with IEPs. She has over 14 years of early education teaching experience in daycare settings and afterschool programs (with children up to grade 5), and 6 of those years as lead teacher. Trish has been able to apply the skills and experiences she gained in the daycares to situations with horses, students and boarders at the barn to help them through behavioral issues and anxieties.  Trish is currently First Aid certified.


Melissa Darling
is Trish's right-hand 
woman! She does it all, from mucking stalls, to exercising horses, to teaching lessons, and more! Melissa participated in the Fairfield Acres apprentice program and received her license in September 2015. She has 17 years of horse experience and currently leases Checkers, a Quarter Horse gelding on the farm. While she rides both English and Western, her heart really lies in gymkhana games and jumping.

Melissa graduated with her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology in May 2014, and has been making great use of both her learned and natural skills with people. Her focus on child psychology at school was a great compliment to her instinctive interactions, and has helped her excel at teaching our younger students both on the ground and in the saddle. 
Communication skills, adaptability, and conflict resolution are all amazing abilities that Melissa brings to interactions both on and off farm.